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Sonja Tofik — Anomi Review

Embrace the Stygian gloom od Sonja Tofik's first full length LP, Anomi.

Swallow The Sun: When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light...

Finnish death-doom metal overlords, Swallow The Sun, release their stunning seventh album; When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light.

HIM: Manchester Academy – live review

HIM Manchester Academy 16th December 2017 March 2017 and after a sensational 26 years creating a striking combination of goth, metal and rock with heartbreaking emotional lyricism,...

HIM To Split At End Of 2017 After Final World Tour

HIM founder Ville Valo has announced the band will retire at the end of the year following a massive farewell tour. In a post...

K-X-P: II – album review

"The record should make them bigger and more popular ..."