Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Why We Need To Stop Using ‘Female-Fronted’ As A Genre

Sam Lambeth looks into the pitfalls and dangers of labelling women in music, particularly the use of ‘female-fronted’ as a prominent genre rather than a passing description.

C.H.E.W. – 7 song 7 inch

C.H.E.W. 7 SONG 7 inch (Neck Chop Records) Neck Chop Records are very quickly establishing themselves as forerunners in current DIY punk music and have...

EMA: The Ruby Lounge, Manchester – live photo review

EMA is currently on a UK tour promoting her new album. Louder Than War photographer caught up with her in Manchester.

Hitchcock Blonde: Five Pounds – ep review

I am often underwhelmed by vocals which others hail to the high heavens, but I absolutely adore the vocals on this girl.

Tilly and the Wall: Heavy Mood – album review

It isn\'t Bikini Kill, so get that out of your sexist brain right now! It\'s Tilly and the Wall. Got it? Good.