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Evil Blizzard; Preston 19th October 2013 – live review

"I don’t know what I’ve just heard or seen but it was something I won’t forget"

Evil Blizzard at Ducie Bridge, Manchester – live review: 10 reasons...

It's packed in here- remarkable for a band at this stage of the game but then Evil Blizzard are no normal band. In a blur of masks and madness and great hypnotic riffs the band demolish the room with a set of freak rock that is going to rock the festivals in 2014.

Evil Blizzard & Super Fast Girlie Show: Ducie Bridge, Manchester –...

"it starts to feel like some sort of hole has ripped in reality and we have all fallen into some alternate world with new and disorientating rules"

Evil Blizzard: Mello Mello, Liverpool – live review

Has there ever been a more appropriate band name? I guess Motorhead effectively defines Lemmy’s crew - but how about Evil Blizzard?

November 5, Evil Blizzard, The Stalagmites: Manchester Roadhouse – live review

For the next 40 minutes their music ebbs and flows around this pulverising and hypnotic concept and it's stunning.