Monday, September 20, 2021
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Sparks: A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip – album review

Sparks have been making their idiosyncratic brand of quirky pop since the Sixties. Now, after 53 years, the Mael brothers may have reached their creative peak, says Tim Cooper.

San Pedro Collective: Where Do I Begin – new single

Wayne Carey checks out the latest release from super collective San Pedro. A flash back to the house electro years brought to a new audience and full live band to boot.

Cotton Wolf: Ofni – album review

Cotton Wolf have evolved. They're gifts from everything to songwriting to production, from concept to delivery have really evolved since we last heard a full length project from them in 2017. Cotton Wolf have created a universe of their own using the history of Welsh and electronica culture. Ofni is an addictive place to visit and a world a lot of people should visit.

Leg Puppy: Non Disclosure Agreement – album review

Rhys Delany gets a chance to hear the new loud and angry album by electro-punks Leg Puppy.

Ultramarine: Signals Into Space – album review

Signals Into Space is the seventh album by electronica duo Ultramarine. Ian Canty drifts off into the stratosphere.