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Dunstan Bruce: “Am I Invisible Yet” one-man-show preview

Dunstan Bruce of anarchist pop band Chumbawamba performs in a two-night one-man show at Brighton's Rialto Theatre on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th of November.

Dunstan Bruce still dreams of revolution: Interrobang‽ Interviewed

Dunstan Bruce still dreams of revolution: Interrobang‽  Interviewed Dunstan Bruce is a man in his 50s, discontent to slip quietly to the wings: full of...

Interrobang‽ : Interrobang‽ – Album review

Album review Interrobang‽ Interrobang‽   (All the Madmen) CD, LP, DL Released 30 March 2018  Dunstan Bruce (vocals) and Harry Hamer (drums) were in Chumbawamba. Stephen Griffin (guitar)...