Friday, October 15, 2021
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Jolly Lad by John Doran – book review

John Doran’s book, Jolly Lad, owes its fascination to authors like Graham Greene and Henry Miller, but with a post-punk, grimy edge akin to someone like Abel Ferrara.

Love Life, Hate Ketamine – a plea from “Techno Kim”.

Love Life, Hate Ketamine. Following another death at the BoomTown Festival in Hampshire, the third in as many years (but not drug-related it seems from...

Club Drugs, A Time For Education

With the subject of club drugs and their use back in the headlines Louder Than War looks into how to make using them, and our clubs, safer.

NEW MUSIC : Flatbush Zombies : tripped out pyschedelic hip hop...

Flatbush Zombies, hop hop, drugs

Channel Four to screen MDMA experiment with Keith Allen

Its time MDMA was investigated for these reasons ...