Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Incubate Festival: Live Review Of Brilliant Festival With Strong Black Metal...

I’m six hours into a black metal binge. It’s been a night of melancholic, guttural voice- growling vocal and distorted guitars- a weird mixture of noise and a hypnotic atmosphere and I’m feeling strange in a good way- lost in a dense, dark and strange world of face paint and sombre music played at high decibel- a place where Kiss meet the journey into the heart of darkness ride of a Joy Division or the Cure when they were doing pornography.

Louder Than War Interview: Dragged Into Sunlight

Dragged Into Sunlight offer an integrity which other artists often cheapen. There are so few secrecies left in contemporary society, those that remain carry an inherent value.

Dragged Into Sunlight announce UK & Irish dates…

Dragged Into Sunlight announce UK dates... Following the overwhelming success of 2012's 'Widowmaker' album (LTW review), Dragged Into Sunlight are again ready to grab the...

Dragged Into Sunlight: Widowmaker – album review

Dragged Into Sunlight is brutal; the aural equivalent of staring into a blackened void.

Dragged Into Sunlight set to release 'Widowmaker'…

Dragged Into Sunlight set to release 'Widowmaker'...   Dragged Into Sunlight, the mysterious Liverpudlian masters of extreme metal have announced their imminent return with their new...