Friday, October 15, 2021
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Interview: Martyn Ware “Pioneers don’t necessarily reap the rewards they deserve”

From 1977 to the present day, Martyn Ware has made some of the most ambitious and forward-facing music possible. His latest project finds him...

New Artist Of The Day: Vex

Vex puts his 'Guilt' aside for a while to start the dance with a new take on electropop. Louderthanwar’s Christopher Lloyd reports. Meet Tobias Kastberg,...

Devo: The Brand / Devo: Unmasked – book review

DEVO: THE BRAND / DEVO: UNMASKED Rocket 88 Books Devo are the oddball American electronic/punk pioneers renowned for their quirky songs, quirkier  costumes and outlandish stage performances. Matt...

Devo: EZ Listening Muzak – album review

Album Review Devo   - EZ Listening Muzak     (Futurismo Inc) LP / CD - Limited Boxed Sets Out now For Mega-Fans Only says Ged Babey as...

Suburban Lawns: Suburban Lawns – album review

Suburban Lawns – Suburban Lawns  ( Futurismo ) LP/CD Out  20th November  Cult American New Waver Art Punks Suburban Lawns get the reissue treatment for the first...