Sunday, June 13, 2021
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An appreciation of the Dead Kennedys (sparked by new book on...

The new upcoming book about the Dead Kennedys by Alex Ogg (Buy it from here ) made me think about this band again- the brilliant band who ,whilst never broaching the ramparts of the mainstream like the Sex Pistols, were almost as catalytic and mixed a musical brilliance with a fierce energy and snarky wit that sounds as fresh today as when it was first released.

Jello Biafra pulls out of festival that booked Dead Kennedys on...

Things can get a bit frosty in rock n roll- especially when bands fall apart or reform awkwardly

The first 10 punk singles bought by Tim Burgess of The...

Tim Burgess has always been a fan of punk. A music nut he is a fan of most forms of music but punk was the formative music that really affected him in his youth and set him on the trail. We knew a long tiome about his love of punk so we were intrigued by the first punk singles he went out and bought so we asked him and he sent back his list of first punk singles that he purchased.