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Hawkwind Light Orchestra: Carnivorous album review

Hawkwind Light Orchestra – Carnivorous   Cherry Red CD/vinyl Release date October 16 2020 This might not be the full strength version of Hawkwind but there is plenty...

Dave Brock still space rocking away as he nears his eighth...

There’s not many artists who can credibly claim to have invented a new genre but Hawkwind’s guitarist Dave Brock did just that with space...

Hawkwind: All Aboard The Skylark – album review

32nd album from Hawkwind, the space rock stalwarts who’ve just hit their half century of space trucking.

Hawkwind, The Blackheart Orchestra: The Lowry, Salford Quays – live...

Hawkwind and The Blackheart Orchestra provide a double orchestral dose and The Lowry.

Hawkwind: Road To Utopia – album review

Album #31 from space rock kings Hawkwind finds them exploring new territories with Mike Batt and some orchestral arrangements.