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Leatherface: Razor Blades And Aspirin: 1990 – 1993 – album review

They were often compared to Husker Du, mainly because they sounded like no other punk band in the UK at the time. The comparison is understandable, as they excelled delivering melodic hard-core tunes in the vein of Mould and Hart, but they were very much their own band. While Bob Mould was moving on and pursuing a folksier path, Leatherface would prove that there was still plenty left to say for an adrenaline fuelled, and high octane delivered passionate punk band.

Dirtybird Players Compilation – album review

"Gernot and Sebastian should be checking their trash files on their computers for any missing samples."

Latin Noir – Everything Happens on the Beach – album review

"Despite my reservations, 'Latin Noir' turned out to be quite an eye opener."

Cake: Cake – album review

This album is great testament to yet another of those lost groups of the 90s and a fitting tribute to what could have been.

Various Artists: Music for a Good Home 2 – album review

Look, this seems like an excellent cause to support, and I can\'t think of a better way to support a cause than by scoring some good music!