Monday, October 25, 2021
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Candy Says / The Lottery Winners: Manchester Fallow Cafe – live...

Candy Says / The Lottery Winners Manchester Fallow Café 24th October 2013 Candy Says came to Manchester for the final night of their Space tour to support...

Black Casino And The Ghost: Some Dogs Think Their Name Is...

Some Dogs Think Their Name Is No is a great record. It's got so many ideas, so much variety coursing through every song on it that there's enough here to keep you finding something new every time you hear it.

New Artist Of The Day: Candy Says

Candy Says is a lo-fi chic pop DIY band from Oxford. They record their unique brand of home-made pop in a bungalow garage with a couple of microphones and an old MacBook. As well as being one of the most exciting new bands in the country, they're putting the most interesting spin on retro we've seen with their cassette single releases and their new ZX Spectrum-inspired video.