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Simple Symmetry: Sorry! We Did Something Wrong – album review

Simple Symmetry: Sorry! We Did Something Wrong (New Ears Records) DL Released 21st May Simple Symmetry is the moniker of Sasha and Sergey Lipsky, DJs and producers from...

Death Valley Girls: Broadcast, Glasgow – live review

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS BROADCAST GLASGOW 4th March 2019 A dreich rainy Monday night in Glasgow and loads of tweens and teenagers are running around the city dressed...

Demob Happy: Broadcast, Glasgow – live review

Demob Happy/Soeur/Valeras Broadcast, Glasgow 8th April 2018 Demob Happy bring their rapturous blend of fuzzy grungey rock with melodious harmonies to Glasgow to brighten up a drab Sunday...

Stag and Dagger 2017: Sauchiehall Street Venues, Glasgow – live review

LTW saw Stag and Dagger 2017 triumph by providing stellar talent from Scotland and the UK and enthusiastic audiences at this Glasgow gathering.

Neils Children: Dimly Lit – album review

Back from the dead, the UK’s most under-rated experimental psych-pop band