Monday, June 14, 2021
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Interview: Kevin Cummins on Caught Beneath The Landslide

Caught Beneath The Landslide: The Other Side Of Britpop And The '90s Clear Vinyl | Vinyl | CD Box Set Out on 4th June 2021 -...

Vela Incident: Interview

Vela Incident could well be one of the best new bands in Britain…and it only took over twenty years to get there. Sam Lambeth...

Modern Music Masters: The Britpop Trilogy by Tom Boniface-Webb- book review

Modern Music Masters: The Britpop Trilogy - Tom Boniface-Webb Out Now Accompanying Blur Playlist Order HERE Modern Life really is Rubbish at the moment and the only ‘Parklife’...

Willie J Healy: Twin Heavy – album review

Wayne AF Carey checks out Twin Heavy, one of the soundtracks to the summer.

Various Artists – Super Sonics – ’40 Junkshop Britpop Greats’ album...

Various Artists - Super Sonics RPM 2CD/DL Released 17 July 2020 Subtitled "Martin Green Presents 40 Junkshop Britpop Greats" this new compilation sifts the hopefuls from the hopeless...