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Brett Anderson: Dancehouse Theatre, Manchester – live interview

Brett Anderson Dancehouse Theatre, Manchester 10th October 2019 As Brett Anderson launches the second volume of his autobiography, Afternoons With The Blinds Drawn, Ian Corbridge joins the...

Menace Beach: Super Transportereum – album review

Menace Beach - Super Transportereum (Memphis Industries) EP | DL Available from Sept 25 8.5/10 Menace Beach are on a roll. Despite releasing their full-length album Ratworld a...

The Charlatans – Mountain Picnic Blues: documentary review

"...a lovingly crafted, simple and honest tribute to a brilliant album which will always hold a place in the hearts of many a music fan."

Interview With Simon Mason, Author of The New Book Too High,Too...

The rock 'n' roll doctor who was the drug dealer to the Britpop stars comes clean...

Lawrence Bray of ScenicLife Interview by Roisin Kelleher

"Old-style rock 'n' roll stars who wear their influences on their sleeves."