Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Blind in Leipzig: Life, death, and post-Brexit healthcare

Blind in Leipzig: Life, death, and post-Brexit healthcare. On the day the draft Brexit deal is presented in the House of Commons, 1919 frontman Rio Goldhammer...

200AD: Brexit the Monkey – Short Film Screened Before Morrissey Biopic

Manchester residents wishing to attend a screening at HOME will be treated to a short film/cine-poem called 200AD: Brexit the Monkey, nestled in amongst the trailers.

The World Is A Mess… – How The Rakes’ ‘Ten New...

Ten years ago, British music was in considerably robust health. Of course, that's not to say 2016 represents an ailing amalgamation of homegrown talent,...

Jo Cox’s tragic murder and the climate of fear

After a week of tragic events brought about by divisive rhetoric and a climate of fear, it would be easy to give in to...