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U2: Manchester Arena, Manchester – live review

U2 Manchester Arena 19th October 2018 U2 bring their Experience and Innocence Tour to the UK with two consecutive nights at Manchester Arena. Lee Ashworth caught the opening night of...

1998: The Year Alt Went Electro (With Mixed Results)

1998 saw alt rock flag-bearers R.E.M. and Smashing Pumpkins embrace electro, but at what cost? Sam Lambeth looks back.

U2: Songs Of Experience – album review

U2's fourteenth studio album arrives without any gimmicks or bombast, but do the songs stand up without the stunts? Sam Lambeth finds out.

The Self-Righteous Brothers – Is It Time The Gallaghers Stopped Swapping...

We find it entertaining – the petulant squabbles, the concerning competitiveness, the fact we know deep down there’s even more concerning mutual appreciation – and we often find it oh so relatable. In recent times, there has perhaps been no set of siblings quite as stereotypical as the Gallaghers.

Paranoid Visions have recorded what could be the album of the...

Paranoid Visions release best punk album of the year : an interview