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Bob Mould: Blue Hearts – album review

Bob Mould Blue Hearts (Merge) 8/10 Bob Mould swaps bright-eyed optimism for burning rage on blistering fourteenth studio album…now that’s a good idea, Sam Lambeth discovers. Bob Mould has...

Bob Mould: Sunshine Rock – album review

On his thirteenth studio album, Bob Mould swaps sweeping desperation for surging defiance. Sam Lambeth reviews.

Bob Mould: The Last Dog and Pony Show Turns Twenty

In 1998, Bob Mould - know primarily for his ferocious fretwork - waved goodbye to guitars for a new life. Sam Lambeth takes a look back.

Bob Mould, Birmingham 02 Academy 2 – live review

Bob Mould 02 Academy 2, Birmingham Friday 7 October Riding on the wave of three rejuvinating records, Bob Mould made a triumphant return to England's Second City,...

Mould Soundz – 10 of Bob Mould’s Best Solo Tracks

There's a key lyric that sums up Bob Mould's life and career, and handily it's in his most recent record, the stunning Patch the...