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Mike Edison & Guadalupe Plata: The Devil Can’t Do You No...

Wayne AF Carey goes down right dirty with some raw gospel blues from Mike Edison & Guadalupe Plata...

Danny Kroha: Detroit Blues – album review

DANNY KROHA Detroit Blues Third Man Records LP | CD | DL Out now On his new record, Gories guitarist Danny Kroha explores old folk, blues and gospel gems,...

Esther Phillips – Brand New Day 1962-1970 – album review

Esther Phillips - Brand New Day 1962-1970 SoulMusic Records 5CD/DL Released 21 August 2020 New 5CD which brings together all of soul/r&b singer Esther Phillips' recordings for the...

Suzie Stapleton: We Are The Plague – album review

Suzie Stapleton's dazzling debut album filled with a primal fusion of blues, gospel and rock'n'roll guitar chimes with our times, says Tim Cooper.

Lucinda Williams: Good Souls, Better Angels – album review

Lucinda Williams has made the perfect protest album for our times. The only surprise is that her blend of blues, rock and country with incendiary lyrics took a 67-year-old woman to make the record we’ve all needed to hear. Tim Cooper listens and applauds.L