Friday, October 15, 2021
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Black Midi: QMU, Glasgow – live review

Black Midi bring their unique brand of genre-blending chaos to a riotous crowd at Glasgow's Queen Margaret Union

black midi album release news and latest video!

(band image by Anthrox Studio; full comic available here) black midi Announce New Album, Cavalcade, Out May 28th on Rough Trade The weird, bonkers and wonderful black midi are...

Things we didn’t know a month ago: September 2019

Even though it comes around every twelve months everyone knows someone who will utter the words "I can't believe it's October already". Keith Goldhanger...

Haldern Pop Festival 2019 – live review

What Is a Festival? (Richard) You could argue that question boils down in the end to a very simple answer, a stage, of whatever sort....

Roskilde 2019 – Festival Review

Roskilde 2019 festival review. The 49th edition of this forward thinking Danish festival included brilliant gigs by The Cure, Crack Cloud, Astrid Sonne, Yves Tumor and Black Midi.