Monday, October 18, 2021
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Peter Doherty And The Puta Madres: Northwich Plaza – Live Review

The street urchin is back out in Northwich Town to witness Peter Doherty and his Muthas!!

News! Peter Doherty and The Puta Madres: Live Dates

Pete Doherty is back with his Albion family for a set of dates to kick off the year.

Babyshambles Manchester Gig Ends In Chaos: Full Report

Babyshambles Manchester gig ended in chaos as Pete Doherty lost it on stage in old school rock 'n' roll style. The band whose recent album received a rave review on Louder Than War were a chaotic mess at the gig. A recent interview on Louder Than War made it sound like the band and their erratic yet brilliant frontman Pete Doherty had turned over a new leaf but the firth date on their current tour was a return to the old days.

Babyshambles and Stephen Street: In depth interview about new album

On the week that Babyshambles release their long awaited third record, Louder Than War sent Fergal Kinney to speak to guitarist Mik Whitnall, bassist Drew McConnell and the album’s legendary producer Stephen Street about the making of the record in Paris as well as the tumultuous years that led up to ‘Sequel to the Prequel’, a long awaited LP many critics are describing as Doherty’s real return to form.

Pete Doherty: Songs You’ll Never Hear On The Radio

J Leonard Lucas tells us about the early Pete Doherty demos & explains why he thinks they represent Doherty's best output.