Friday, June 25, 2021
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Bug Central: …And the fires began… – Album Review

Bug Central - ...And the fires began... (Grow Your Own) 10"/CD/DL Out Now London anarcho-punks Bug Central spit out 8 gritty numbers, holding up a mirror to...

CRESS/BUFF: Choose Your War/Government Monster – album review

CRESS/BUFF - Choose Your War/Government Monster (Urinal Vinyl/Chain Reaction/Chaos Control ) LP/CD/DL Out 1st Sept, pre-orders available A split album fusing anarcho-punk and the free festival vibe...

Omega Tribe: Out Of My System – EP review

Omega Tribe Out Of My System (Grow Your Own) Out Now 10"/DL Anarcho-punk favourites Omega Tribe return on 10 inches of vinyl after a long recording hiatus,...

Exit-Stance: Retch With Mother – LP review

Exit-Stance - Retch With Mother (Grow Your Own) 10"/DL OUT NOW The latest in a series of 10 inch mini albums from Grow Your Own records showcases...

Virus: Pathogens – Album review

Album Review Virus - Pathogens (Grow Your Own) 10" Vinyl/CD/DL Out now Nathan Brown says that the new 10 inch by anarcho-punks Virus is their best release by...