Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Hater: Interview “There’s always a push and pull between states.”

At the start of the month, Swedish four-piece Hater released their new album Sincere (Fire Records). As we said about it, it's an album...

Kraftwerk: Remixes – Album Review

Kraftwerk: Remixes Parlophone Triple vinyl/double CD available here Collection of remixes from the legendary Kraftwerk featuring mixes by the likes of François Kervorkian, Orbital, Underground Resistance, DJ...

Ian Prowse: One Hand on the Starry Plough – Album Review

Ian Prowse - One Hand on the Starry Plough CD/DL Out on February 11th Ian Prowse returns with an album of epic and uplifting songs that deserve...

The Beatles: Get Back premiered on Disney Plus

Directed by Peter Jackson, the documentary series tells the story behind The Beatles’ swan album Let It Be. During the recording sessions, Michael Lindsay-Hogg...

Neil Young: Young Shakespeare – album review

Neil Young’s best ever solo acoustic concert recording from early 1971 finally sees the light of day - on disc and DVD - half a century after it was recorded.