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Northern Star: Live Revolution – album review

Northern Star Records have been at the forefront of contemporary psychedelic music since 2006. This collection showcases highlights from their 2013 festival.

Air Cav announce new single and longest day concert

0 Manchester based Air Cav have just confirmed the 11th June release of their forthcoming single ”˜The Way I Think About My Life' (Crystalline Recordings)...

Confessions Of A Music Addict – January 2012

7 Confessions Of A Music Addict - January 2012 Ah, January. Now nothing ever happens in music in January, there are no gigs worth going...

Air Cav – Download a free cover of ‘The Model’

They first covered 'The Model' when they were invited to appear at The Manchester International Festival

Air Cav ‘Don’t Look Indoors’ – Review

4 Manchester's sonic sculptors finally release debut album... We first featured/reviewed Air Cav's 'Dont Look Indoors' back in late July 2011, well they have finally...