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Liverpool Eric’s: A look back through time and the 5 best...

As Louder Than War's Banjo approaches the 41st anniversary of the first time he went to the legendary Eric's club in Liverpool, he looks back...

Nine Nine Nine: The Albums 1987-2007 – Album Review

Four albums released by Punk Legends Nine Nine Nine 1987-2007 including their most recent, Death In Soho and the Lust Power And Money live LP.

999 : The Albums 1977 – 1980 – Album Review

999 The Albums 1977 - 1980 Captain Oi!/Cherry Red 4CD/DL Released 25 May 2018 Boxset containing the first three albums by the Nick Cash-led Punk band, with an extra...

999 / 5 Go Mad: the Rifle Club, Portsmouth (Live Review)...

Live Review 999 / 5 Go Mad : the Rifle Club, Portsmouth   5/5/2017  and...... Bash the Bishop 4 (preview) 27th-28th May 2017   Forty Years On from...

Was Martin Rushent the best producer in the punk era

For such an instant culture punk has a whole canyon of classic sounding records that have really stood the test of time. A lot of this is down to the energy and the clarity of the songs but also the great production on the songs with many key producers and studio mavericks getting the chance to shine in the open house and no rules rule period.