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REMA-REMA to release ‘Fond Reflections’ – the debut album that never...

REMA-REMA to release 'Fond Reflections' - the debut album that never was: “An intriguingly overlooked piece of the 80s underground rock puzzle, fitting somewhere between...

Kristin Hersh: Cecil Sharp House, London – Live Review

Kristin Hersh Cecil Sharp House, London 18th Mar 2018 Throwing Muses founder Kristin Hersh captivates London with an intimate solo acoustic performance that’s truly electrifying. Andy Duke...

Dead Can Dance: The Serpent’s Egg/Aion/Spiritchaser – album reviews

4AD, over the course of a year, has been re-issuing their entire catalogue of Dead Can Dance’s albums, and the final three will be released in March.

Lost Girls: Lost Girls – album review

Dusted off and brightened up, the long-lost Lost Girls album is released as a 2CD set featuring all the recordings made by the duo and the group.

Daughter: If You Leave – album review

"Oxymoronically, Daughter have a way of being both subtle and dramatic simultaneously."