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‘Punk Faves 2015’ Radio show 1st Jan 2016 playlisted by Louder...

'Punk Faves 2015' Radio show Friday 1st Jan 2016 at 11pm, playlisted by Louder Than Wars 'Punk Throwback' Ged Babey.   The City Sound is an Internet radio...

Florence + The Machine: Manchester Arena – live review

Florence + The Machine Manchester Arena 18th September 2015 Florence + The Machine put on an electrifying performance at Manchester Arena, Nigel Carr was there from Louder Than...

The Most Unmissable Acts At Simple Things 2015

The Most Unmissable Acts At Simple Things 2015 incl. Vessels Godspeed! Skepta Liturgy and Wire

Record Store Day: Has It Lost Its Way? (Now with added...

Record Store Day has come under fire this year, with an increasing number of releases and small labels feeling the pinch of its rules. We take a look at how Record Store Day has changed over the years, having spoken to people from across the industry there are some issues but all is not completely lost.