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13th Floor Elevators: A Visual History – Paul Drummond – book...

13th Floor Elevators: A Visual History Paul Drummond Anthology Editions  Released April 2020 Before I even read Paul Drummond’s 13th Floor Elevators: A Visual History, I could...

Ethan and The Reformation – new single and Interview

Ethan and The Reformation New Single - News - Matt Mead catches up with the band and interviews them for Louder Than War.

Night Beats: O2 ABC, Glasgow – live review

Night Beats: O2 ABC Glasgow January 23rd 2016 Supported by The Cult of Dom Keller and Black Cat Revue Night Beats' current single is an instant classic-...

Night Beats: Who Sold My Generation- album review

Night Beats - Who Sold My Generation (Heavenly Recordings) LP/CD/CC/DL Released 29th January 9/10 Seattle-based garage-psych berserkers take it to the 99th floor on an album that positions them...


OtZvuki Mu- Live in St Petersburg – Review

In a continuing series, Louder than War explores the Russian live scene, which, despite COVID-19, is carrying on pretty much as normal...


Dub Sex: IKON rare video footage – Interview with Mark Hoyle

Dub Sex
Wayne AF Carey speaks to Dub Sex front man Mark Hoyle about The Underground videos at Strawberry Studios and the great compilation album.


Urban Village reflect on life in Soweto

Urban Village are four experimental musicians from Soweto and their new EP Ubaba reflects on life growing...


Made in Hong Kong – film review

Made in Hong Kong (1997) Director: Fruit ChanCast: Sam Lee, Yim Hui-Chi, Wenders Li Running time: 108 minutes Language: Cantonese...


11 Band Podcasts You Need to Hear

With the live music scene ground to a frustrating halt, bands and musicians are finding innovative ways...