Sziget Festival, Hungary – book now for best festival in Europe headlined by the Stone Roses

Sziget- the best festival in Europe?

Sziget- the best festival in Europe?

Sziget Facebook page.

Last year we at LTW were lucky to go to the Sziget Festival in Hungary

It had great weather, a great bill and was an enormous celebration of music on a beautiful island near Budapest.

This year it’s more of the same and we reckon you should come and join us there.

There is a massively varied bill that is topped by one of the Stone Roses few European festival dates and loads of other bands including The Killers, The Horrors, Sum 41, Korn, Placebo, The XX, the Vaccines and many others on the main stage and countless others spread across several stages from the biggest names in indie to a dance stages to a blues stage and a reggae stage and a personal favourite- the gypsy music stage that had gypsy bands from all over the world on it. Check the bill here.

There is so much music going on here that it keeps you on your toes. If you are sick of getting ripped off in the UK and fed up with the weather then it’s time to get more adventurous and head out to Europe.

The great thing about East Europe is that people are still in love with the festival spirit and the youth gather from several nations to be here, including 15 000 Dutch who arrive an specially hired trains! there’s a lot of Brits there, the real festival goers who go for the music and the adventure and not the conveyer belt.

The audience is friendly and there is some really forward thinking in the type of events on the site. It is close to Budapest and the entry ticket gets you a free trip to the famous baths in the city so you can clean off the festival dust in the plunge pools and steam rooms..

Well worth going to…see you at Sziget…


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