Swansea Sound - Happy Christmas to Me COVERSwansea Sound: Happy Christmas To Me

(Snowflakes Christmas Singles/ Skep Wax Records)


Out December 10th 2021

Louder Than War Bomb Rating 5

Andy Brown gets in the festive spirit with indie-pop rabble-rousers, Swansea Sound. He shares his thoughts for Louder Than War.

The alternative Christmas single is, in my mind, a particularly special tradition. And while Mariah, Slade and Wizard will always get their allotted airtime, many seasonal songs are hidden away in record collections and cult fandoms. Recent favourites of mine have included Christmassy cuts from Babybird, Girl Ray, The Just Joans and Dream Nails. To this grand list of underappreciated (and underplayed) greats, we can now add Happy Christmas To Me by Swansea Sound.

Swansea Sound feature Hue Williams (The Pooh Sticks), Rob Pursey (Heavenly), Ian Button (Wreckless Eric) and Amelia Fletcher (Talulah Gosh) and represent the pure, ever beating heart of indiepop. Their recently released debut LP, Live at The Rum Puncheon is neither live nor recorded at said venue but it is a mighty fine record. The perfect stocking filler for that special indiepop fan in your life.

Featuring the same raw, fuzzy punk spirit that propelled the album, Happy Christmas To Me is an irresistibly catchy slice of festively themed indie. Coming on like the Buzzcocks, the track lays into tax-avoiding millionaires, their rocket ships and their seemingly ever-expanding egos. It’s a pogo-worthy indie-punk belter; I’m sure it would go down an absolute treat at number 10 if they decide to throw one of their (in)famous parties.

“I’ve got a fleet of drones/ driven crap into your homes” sings Williams as he sets his sights on some modern-day Scrooge, “I’ll count my cash alone/ happy Christmas to me!”. I wonder who that could be about? A glorious, immensely fun and thoroughly festive middle finger to the Etonian, billionaire-funded Dickensian nightmare that is 2021. Swansea Sound are fighting the good fight all year round; god bless ‘em, every one!


You can find Swansea Sound on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Bandcamp.

All words by Andy Brown. You can visit his author profile and read more of his reviews for Louder Than War here.


STOP PRESS…. This would have been the ‘Best Christmas Retro-Punk song of 2021’ were it not for this slice of absolute genius from a closet New Wave fan who hasn’t aged a day since 1979!

(LTW punk sub-Ed)

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