F0985992-E14F-4CE0-9156-92547D661642Swans have announced a fundraiser of an album of demos of Michael Gira on voice and acoustic guitar of potential new songs to help them record and release their 15th album. There are details of the album in the link below some of which seems to be a choral work using the voices of the wonderful Anna Von Hauswolff and her sister Maria tracked up to create something quite different from the last few Swans albums. Michael Gira split the band up last year to force his band in recreating their sound and it will be interesting to see his interpretation of choral and choir sounds and also plenty of other options from members old and new listed in the link.

From Swans Facebook page

Swans Handmade Special Package Fundraiser CD “What is This?” and other assorted options to support the recording of the new Swans album now here: https://bit.ly/2GKpj77 Extensive description of
upcoming recording process by M.Gira also at the link…. Thanks for your support!


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