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suuns-images-du-futur-album-cover-press-300Suuns – Images Du Futur (Secretly Canadian)


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Canadian Band Suuns released their second album this week, Louder Than War’s Adrian Bloxham is deeply unsettled by the resulting sound.

If this is Suuns’ vision of where we are heading, their image of our future, it’s too frightening for words. There’s no explosion, no out and out focal point, just a feeling of dread and fear that escalates as the music flows around and over you. The future isn’t bright at all, the future tastes of crumbled concrete dust under a gun metal sky.

Suuns come from Montreal and this is their second album. It’s like a menacing living entity that makes you look over your shoulder, just to check. The overriding feeling across this record is one of brooding, the music is mostly quite gentle just as unsettling as hell.

The vocals are high and pitched at an almost desperate level emotionally. The music goes between the quick relentless guitar of ‘Powers of Ten’ to the throbbing, shuffling beat of ‘Sunspot’. The thing that holds it together is the way that it is constantly worming its way into your subconscious in order to make you feel off centre for the rest of the day. The electro pulsations are countered by the whine of a guitar on ‘2020’. ‘Minor Work’ and ‘Edie’s Dream’ both sound quite beautiful, but it’s the beauty of broken glass or twisted metal, they are slow and sleepy, like drifting into unconsciousness.


The desperation in the voice shines out on ‘Bambi’ over an eighties sounding electro throb. The music levels out in the title track for the vision to all come together. Like a symphony played with knives it cuts deep into you and makes you see that the  ‘Images Du Futur’ are not pictures that you want to end up in. It’s mesmerising in its sound.

The final track samples the sound of a crowd laughing and enjoying life cutting around the music and then disappearing again into the ether. A transient feeling of belonging and happiness  that is ultimately swallowed up by the music as it fades away and stops.

A Tour-de-Force of sound, Suuns have created an album that will unsettle and frighten you, but you should be listening.

Suuns’ website can be found here. They are also on Facebook & are on Twitter as @suunsband.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here.


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  1. I don’t know how you can review this band without mentioning how much they sound like Clinic. It really is clinical to point this out

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