Surreal Kinnock: Tribal Fusion – Single ReviewSurreal Kinnock

Tribal Fusion

Strangetown Records


Out now

Cardiff based Strangetown Records’ signing Surreal Kinnock come crashing in with another storming single. Dave Beer takes a listen for Louder Than War…

“This is just an intro…this is just an intro”, starts the new single Tribal Fusion from Surreal Kinnock. So is this. Two can play at that game. This is just an intro to my review.

Telling the listener it’s an intro – over the top of some seaside keyboards – as a way of opening the song, that hints at something. Playing with the rules, messing with the fourth wall, that sort of thing.

Then we are off. Like a theme tune to some irreverent TV show. Something like Rhubarb and Custard or Danger Mouse maybe. A storming riff based track. Playful but not quite daft. Ah-ah-ah-ahs delivered in a hurry. It sounds like they are struggling to keep up with themselves.

Then the riff falls between the cracks and a dreamlike mid-sequence, complete with lyrics about dreams, squeezes itself in, slowing the pace. The riff then jumps back in from the shadows and we are back, briefly.

The song ends with a little laugh. I think Surreal Kinnock, as their name suggests, are messing about a bit. I’m left with a feeling that there is more to it than that though. In fact, the band name is maybe a bit misleading. Don’t let it put you off, this is by no means a joke. If it is, it’s a pretty good one.

This is the third recent track from the band. They seem to be building up some steam. Quickly.

This is just an outro…this is just an outro.


Surreal Kinnock are on Facebook and Twitter.

Words by Dave Beer.

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