sleaford mods

Although this years Mercury Prize is the best and most eclectic we have ever seen we don’t see the name of the band who have really captured people’s imagination this year- Sleaford Mods.


We looked down the list and looked again and liked the fact Young Fathers are in there and we would love Kate Tempest to win but Sleaford Mods are the people’s choice and the people’s choice is never the judges choice…

Maybe Sleaford Mods were not entered, after all, it costs money to enter and that is dead money if nothing happens. Maybe their raw world view doesn’t fit in with the cosy Mercury World, maybe the fact they sometimes swear means they have been pushed aside, maybe their vicious and darkly funny social realism makes little sense in planet Mercury but surely Damn Albarn could be bumped off the list or Bombay Cycle Club- both made good records but hardly on the frontline of popular culture…


  1. From reading Jason’s FB I think the over-arching feeling in the SM camp is…”Fuck pay-to-enter competitions, it’s a fucking scam”


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