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Surely it’s time for the super rich rock stars to get their hands in their deep pockets and save grass roots venues and artsWe’ve been saying this for a long time.

Surely it’s time for the super rich rock stars or DJs or labels or streaming services to get their hands in their deep pockets and save grass roots venues and the arts…

We don’t resent them a penny of their wealth. They have earned it all with all the joy they have given everyone and made some of our favourite music. We also know that some people put some money back into grass roots without any publicity and we also know that the government should but won’t support one of the key exports of this nation. Music puts the UK on the map worldwide and without the grass roots venues and arts and crews and the myriad of people driving things it will collapse.

The UK has produced many of the most loved and wealthiest pop and rock stars in history. Maybe in private or in public they could now prop up the grass roots until this pandemic is over.

We’re not demanding – just asking some of our most beloved post war folk heroes to put something back for the next generation and for the art-grafters who are genuinely scared of what the future holds. Every venue. Every small promoter. Every member of every stage crew. We’re all in it together.

It’s Not for us but for the venues and the workers and the nightlife creators.

We’ve been pushing this idea for quite some time now when we have been representing at meetings of music organisations. Shouting to anyone that will listen even before the pandemic and now in these virus times it’s become vital.


LTW writer Ged Babey reminded me about this today and it’s time to make some noise.

we know many big names read this site. We know many of them are good people. Get on board. Change the world and invest in the future. If you want we will build the organisation or get someone else do it.

C’mon, rich rock stars – get your hands in those deep pockets and bail out the music scene that birthed you. No more charity records or auctions just cash…one donation could save the whole gig economy…imagine all the love you would get in return – far better than buying another ten cars or an island…

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  1. Been saying this for months. They wouldn’t be as successful without the support if these venues where they debuted and all the technical and road staff who make them look and sound good.


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