Supreme Court Declines to Review Fair Use Finding in Decade-Long Book Copying Case Against Google

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Copyright – or copy-wrong

In the 21st century nothing is sacred anymore.

You now seem to have the right to take any creative piece of work and call it your own- everything is for free and only rich people can aoffrd to make art. Spend two years writing a book and then groan as it appears all over google for free and with no law to back you up…

The latest to fall foul of the post copyright world are authors…

NEW YORK, NY, April 18, 2016 — The Authors Guild expressed its disappointment with today’s U.S. Supreme Court order denying review of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in Authors Guild v. Google, a copyright infringement case originally filed in 2005. The Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the case leaves standing the Second Circuit’s unprecedented expansion of the fair use doctrine—holding that Google’s copying and providing access to some 4 million copyrighted books for profit-making purposes was a fair use. With only seven justices voting whether or not to grant review (Justice Kagan recused herself), the petition faced an uphill battle to gain the four votes necessary for a grant of review.

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