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Supersuckers: Winnipeg, Canada – live review

Supersuckers | Lydia Loveless | The Angry Dragons | Greg Arcade and his Rockin’ Band.
The Pyramid Caberet, Winnipeg, MB
June 4th, 2013

A night of great rock and roll is what The Pyramid Cabaret in Winnipeg lined up for a warm, early summer night with the Supersuckers headlining.

The world’s greatest rock and roll band returned to Winnipeg to rock our collective northern asses. Oh yes, Eddie Spaghetti and his rambling crew of hairy cronies blew into town like a tornado, turned the amps up high, and rocked out like only the Supersuckers know how to do.

The night started off well with local boys Greg Arcade and his Rockin’ Band doing just that….rockin’. Twang infused rockabilly was their game, and they do their game well. Greg Arcade looked sharp in the tightest jeans he could possible stick himself into, and his red hair slicked back. This is a damn fine rock and roll band, my friends. Their vibe is very much Million Dollar Quartet, Sun Records inspired and you really can’t beat that.


Next up is the all-girl band The Angry Dragons. Now, I debated about putting the all-girl part into this review. Does it matter? Well, yes, it does. Frankly, there aren’t enough bands in Winnipeg featuring even one woman, let alone being made up of all women. It seems almost wrong to have to point out that, “Hey, woman can rock!” in this day and age, but we still kind of have to. So, yes, up came an all-girl band that can blow many of the all-male bands in this city away. The leader singer had a most powerful set of lungs, the drummer beat the living snot out of her set, and the lead guitarist was absolutely wicked with her solos that she played while looking calm, cool, collected and in charge of her sound. From blues, to garage, to punk to 50s and 60s balladry, they covered a good swathe of genres. Wonderful stuff.


Lydia Loveless took to the stage next. Wow. For someone so tiny, she had a wicked powerful voice that reminded me of Maria McKee. On the opposite end of the scale, her stand-up bass player was a monstrous dude with long, thick curly hair that looked rather odd, in an ultimately cool way, slapping away at a bass. With song titles like ‘Steve Earle’ and ‘Chris Issak’, you might get a sense of the sound she makes. She reminds me a lot of one of my all-time favourites, Kelly Willis. But, there is no doubt there are also some throwbacks to Loretta Lynn or Tammy Wynette in there as well. She was great!


Last, but definitely not least, the ultimate bare bones showmen brought their straight up, loud and proud rock and roll to the stage in a way that only the Supersuckers can. The bearded Eddie Spaghetti enthralled with his faux cocky way. He’s one of the best front men in rock and roll, and he barely does anything but be himself. That’s cool. The rest of the band was smoking hot, especially lead guitarist Marty Chandler (who also played with Loveless) who is a really force to be reckoned with. Just brilliant guitar work on his part.

These guys are rock solid and skin-tight, and they were on top of their game tonight! This was no holds barred, straight, wall to wall rawk with almost no breaks for a good hour. Even during the odd chat, where Eddie was the ultimate pitch man for the band, the ringing of feedback nearly drowned him out. Their set summed up their career, and helped to remind listeners just how much good rock and roll music they have made over their 25 year run. They are a shaggy, hairy bunch of down to earth rock and rollers. Before getting on stage, Eddie Spaghetti was the merch guy for the night. Now that’s pretty cool. I didn’t even realize it was him until he went on stage. Who would have thought the lead singer of the Supersuckers would be selling his own merchandise. But, alas, he was doing that.


The stage was plain and fairly bare, with just the band and their rock and roll instruments. No fancy effects other than some fog from the smoke machine, and some dark sunglasses for Eddie and Dan “Thunder” Bolton over on the guitars. Pretty simple, pretty basic, let the rock and roll music do the talking set up.

And, when it was all over, the crowd looked good and satisfied. They had been entertained, and thoroughly rocked. It was nice for me to see the Supersuckers again, after last seeing them about a decade ago. It was a good, positive night of top notch rock and roll music, from the beginning to the end. Good bill all around! Great night! Worth every penny!

Check out Greg Arcade at his official site and on bandcamp. Visit the Angry Dragons on Facebook. You can find Lydia Loveless online at her official site and Facebook. And, don’t forget the Supersuckers, who have an official site and are also on Facebook.

Writing by Chris Hearn. More writing by Chris on Louder Than War can be found here

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  1. 2nd worst supersuckers show i’ve seen , worst was about 5 years ago at ozzy’s. The sound sucked, if you walked around the bar you couldn’t even make out what song was being played at times, and the band seemed to have no energy. Mind you neither did the audience. No fake encores, not one motherfuckin cha-cha-cha all night, the 2nd time some guy yelled out ‘Dead Meat’ Eddie flatly said “we won’t be playing that tonight” and added “there will be no encore tonight, when we leave the stage the show’s over”. Not the usual fun fake encore I must say. Eddie and Thunder insulting the crowd for living here seemed to be more sincere than fun, hey i know it’s a shithole but don’t need to be told that when paying to see a fun band that was pretty much anything but fun. On the plus side Marty shredded a solo that lead into a good song toward the end of the show. The show started off good too, except again, Eddie seemed to pick up on the fact there was NO ENERGY in the room – and the band played accordingly. Pretty much lifeless. Boys it’s a Tuesday night, make fun of us all you want, don’t bother coming back again unless you play pretty much anything other than a Tuesday night – Monday would suck worse – and again, get somebody affiliated with the band to hear the mix ’cause your soundman, happy birthday loser, obviously couldn’t hear shit. I miss Rontrose, better show with him fo’ realz


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