SUPERORGANISM by Keith Goldhanger 2018


Jazz Cafe, London.

February 15th 2018.

As part of DJ Annie Mac’s AMP Sounds series Superorganism played what will surely become one of many shows they’ll perform as the year goes by. Keith Goldhanger reports from North London.

Depending on who you listen to Superorganism are a bunch of people from all corners of the globe who met through their love of sharing their individual creative ideas over the internet. Now based in East London, the results of their work (however it all came about) has already managed to persuade those who arrange such activities to book this collective to attend almost every multi band event going on around the UK this year. By the end of the year anyone hooked on these tunes should get the chance to see this band whether during one of the years festivals or as part of the bands own tour (the first of which begins next month). For the uninitiated, it wont take too long to get hooked by these tunes and make the listener curious as to what this is going to be like live and in a few days time their debut album will become available. It’s already a safe bet that it will be an album that the world will fully embrace.

And I mean the world.  This isn’t going to fade away for a little while yet.
And I mean yet. We will eventually get bored with them just like we eventually got bored with MGMT  but that’s not important at the moment.

You can tell before a note is played that this is going to be one of those nights like….well when we saw The Flaming lips for the first time after the Soft Bulletin. Arriving on stage tonight to the sound of small bells being rang by the trio of multicoloured mac wearing, glitter faced, backing singers, the tambourines come out (draped in multicoloured ribbons), the electronics kick in and the band launch into their odd quirky childlike tunes that seem to consist of numerous short snappy beats and wobbly, dreamy, electronic, bass sounds. This current collection of tunes are held together by the almost impossible to see vocalist Orono (who feels the need to apologise for being ‘short and invisible’) and the three backing singers who it’s hard to avert the eyes from.

Stretch the songs out, increase the volume and replace the young teenage singer with a fifty year old bloke and you’d get a band that you could perhaps mistake for The Flaming Lips. Tunes made from samples that include the sound of munching apples, frogs, cash tills, backwards vocals, video games (we’ve all been there) are all used the once. Superorganism seem to understand the lengths the listener can go before getting bored, however they also understand that we will never tire of that twangy guitar featured on more than one tune this evening.

It may bit slightly premature to mention Christmas but the bands first single of 2018 ‘Everybody wants to be Famous’ is the kind of tune that will float around our consciousness until it appears on the one day of the year we can watch Top of The Pops. ‘Something for your Mind’ will become even more infectious than it already is over the course of the next few months. It’s a tune everyone will soon be singing if they’re not already doing so and ‘Reflections on the Screen’ will have you adding to your end of the year highlights list already.

Superorganism are unique and original and have an album worth of songs the listener will love on first listen before obsessing over. Their distinctive sound, the backing singers larking around in unison doing the backstroke, falling over, behaving like 6 year old children and giving the listener a thrill to witness will be loved my many.

All this played out to a backdrop of bright visuals made by even more friends of the individuals on stage and it’s felt this is a band that could really only exist in 2017/18/19 …… how long this will all last is anyone’s guess but for the time being let’s not look further than the next twelve months, the Christmas Top of the Pops appearance if it happens and the pop combo that will become the most talked about of the year.

Superorganism are about to become a lot of people’s new favourite band.


All words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV). You may subscribe to the Goldhanger Shorts Facebook page  or browse some of his photos too if you so wish.

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