a3670022854_10Super Luxury (British Wildlife Records)

Out 23rd March 2015


This is undoubtedly one of the best debut records you will hear all year. It is a truly incredible album packed with twists and turns, excitement, intensity and some of the most bizarre track names around.

Super Luxury hail from Leeds and they’re yet another fantastic product of this insane musically productive scene. However, it took me by surprise having seen their names on bills that included the likes of Dope Body, Fawn Spots and God Damn. I felt slightly ashamed of myself for not hearing these guys before and this was compounded when the opening track of Ten Solid Years Of Applause leaped out of my speakers.

Immediately I’m hooked, for an album which I can only assume was recorded live, as it was recorded in the bands adopted HQ the Brudenell Social Club. It’s incredible, the opening scuzzy riffs of 25 Metres are astoundingly heavy, the vocals pale into the background of this bass heavy opener. An ear splitting start to an album that traverses the heavier genres with ease.

Constant Delicious ratchets up the pace of the album, with a more straightforward hardcore punk vibe allowing the band to exhibit one of their many facets. It’s intense and wild with the vocals taking to the fore, as lead singer Adam screams his way through the track. The album is filled with the most bizarrely named tracks, for instance the incredible Kellogg’s Wasps. It’s a huge slice of riff laden rock and like the album opener its bass driven, a little slower but more deliberate. The hooks bury themselves into your head for days on end; it’s by far one of my favourite tracks on the album. These riffs and speed changes are consistent throughout, turning it into a roller coaster of an album with it’s intensity undimmed.


However, their sound is firmly honed and perfectly displayed on the brilliant Milk Sauce, insanely intense and once again the huge riffs are shining through in this guitar laden onslaught. The band have been compared Metz and rightly so, as their ear splitting tracks are akin to that of the Canadian noise punks. However tracks like Salem Tears remind me of garage punks Slaves, particularly with the pounding drum beats that lead the track. Coupled with the wild vocal, it harks back to one of Isaac from Slave’s incredible rants. As the albums draws to a close though, their intensity is clear and shining through the ever increasing pace of the album.

Reaching its peak as Drunk On Power grabs you by the throat and forces you through intricate riffs and hefty feedback into frenzy for this short track. As the album closes its back to the opening sludgy deliberate heavy riffs, before transcending into complete fuzzy feedback filled chaos an astounding way to close out a phenomenal album.

As far as debut albums go this has to be up there, it’s an incredible record, which is effortless in its execution. The bands huge riffs coupled with incredible vocals and unbelievably heavy drums it’s a great combination. However, I’m informed that live this record comes to life in even more unthinkable ways and I cannot wait to see these guys live.


Super Luxury can be found here, they’re also on Facebook and Soundcloud and tweet as @superluxury1.

All words and pictures by Lee Hammond. You can check out more work by Lee at his Louder Than War author’s archive, he also tweets as @Napzap.

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