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Mr Heart | Super Fast Girlie Show
Gulliver’s, Manchester
Fri 20th May 2016

Manchester born female trio, Mr Heart and Upcoming punk band Super Fast Girlie Show, have dragged once again, a horde of fans to their most recent gig and their 90’s Riot Girl and punk type of set made the house tremble wall to wall! Louder than War writer Vanessa Lourenco was there to feel the vibration and reports back on this rage-full show.

Whilst the rain outside kind of set the mood for a darker somber night, you can feel the vibe in the room mirrors it with it’s grungy punk crowd.

The opening act for Mr. Heart, Super Fast Girlie Show, make their way to the stage and without any sort of wait blast the sound through the speakers at full volume. There is nothing subtle about these 3 men from Liverpool, once they get on stage and grab those instruments, what you feel is pure “Rancid” type of punk.

They use 2 basses and 1 drum kit – that’s it! No guitar, no keyboard, 3 sets of hands and a duo of equally powerful voices. They are what you could call brutal, they take charge of the stage and engage with the audience at an entertainment level – top notch!

Whilst they look like they’re straight out of Alabama with their plaid shirts and caps, once they talk to the audience you can tell that part of their charm comes from the quirky cool Liverpudlian accent.

Pasha - SFGS (Gullivers 20th May 2016 - courtesy of Rich Pics)

They are uncensored and well versed, know they’re lesson about music with what they call “this is our jazz song” or “this is the closest to a pop single we’ve got”, you realise that although the sarcasm is high within the band, this only draws the fans even closer and there is a connection between artist and observer. I mean, the key is in the name right?

They have gotten more and more in the spotlight, being the supporting acts for Steve Conte (ex-New York Doll), Mike Watt (The Minutemen) and Vic Godard & Subway Sect.

They go on stage to do one thing and one thing only, create an atmosphere of classic revivalist punk and they do this to the bone! Their energy is intense and their spirit of true rebels. Their album “Don’t Go Down Gentle” is available online for you to listen, check their links at the bottom of the page, and with songs such as “Pub Fight” it’s 100% worth checking it out.


It’s a curious thing to find Mr Heart jumping and moving to the sound of Super Fast Girlie Show and as soon as they finish their set, they promptly take the stage easing the eager crowd that is here to see them.

Mr Heart has the movement of an underground feminist hardcore punk band, mashing it up with harmonious voices that seem to have come straight out of a choir!

Mr Heart

Their look is rebellious, with their skeleton tops and pleaded schoolgirl skirts, hinting to the grunge world, they also seem to grab the influences of indie music with their Tori Amos double voices and going from shouting the lyrics in the beginning of the song to a high pitched soft girly sound in the chorus.

Although frame wise, the drummer is the “frailest” looking of the 3, she knows how to beat up that drum kit! She is precise, decided, ambitious and measured in her strikes and her perfection is one of the keys for this act to work so God’amn well!

There’s a lot of passion on stage, coming from several roots, you can feel anger, freedom, emancipation, love, political, and this gives their act a powerful potion of ethereal atmosphere of history in the making.

Mr Heart

They have seen their success grow bigger and bigger and with shows booked all over Europe, these birds are ready to flee the nest!

“The Unspeakable Mr Heart” is their debut album and if you haven’t immersed your ears in it yet, I strongly recommend you do, as it gives you a sense of being in the moment and having a thousand five hundred feelings and thoughts rushing through your body at the same time and yet, you feel this peaceful aftermath of someone who got it all out of their chest.

Mr Heart

You can keep up to date with Mr Heart on Twitter and Facebook  as well as their official website

As well with Superfast Girlie Show on their Facebook and official website

All words by Vanessa Lourenco, you can find more writing at her Author profile and also Instagram and Facebook

Photos by Rich Nixon, you can find more work by Rich on his Facebook and Instagram

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