Super Fast Girlie Show: Eric’s, Liverpool – live review

Super Fast Girlie Show
Liverpool Eric’s
Wednesday 10th April 2013

Super Fast Girlie Show knew nothing of their role within this gig until approximately three hours prior to stage time; a frantic call from a somewhat frazzled promoter soon altered that status as they were hastily booked to support ex-New York Doll Steve Conte who was set to appear at the legendary Eric’s venue.

Super Fast Girlie Show seem to be making a habit of supporting ‘underground legends’ tonight it’s a New York Doll, last month it was Mike Watt (Iggy & The Stooges, ex fiREHOSE and The Minutemen), next moth they support Vic Godard & Subway Sect; clearly their own brand of aural assault is attracting followers and having borne witness to their onslaught its understandable why.

The band are famed for their volume and sheer brutality, so as bass wizard Phil Hartley crouches down over an array of effects pedals and gates he activates a bass oscillator, the resulting lupine howl has the same impact as an air-raid warning as it envelopes the unsuspecting crowd, front-man Pasha with the audible clarity of porridge mumbles into his microphone, drummer Gonzo Jones commences a raw primal beat, he hits with awe inspiring speed and power – the barrage commences…barked vocals, a crushing guitar onslaught strapped to a distinct groove.

Super Fast Girlie Show: Eric’s, Liverpool – live review

That’s the edge that elevates Super Fast Girlie Show from lesser bands who rely upon just ferocity, these boys have managed to bring a swagger laden twang to the noise that merely adds to the power of the songs, the cavernous rumble, crunching driving riffs and all the while Phil kicks various pedals, warped iridescent noises strobing the darkness; energy appears to literally course through him, his face contorted, sinews screaming as he ricochets across the stage ‘Doley Boy’ careers from the speakers, a bludgeoning molten noise-fuck – almost animalistic in its sheer intensity, the punk styled rhythms of ‘Mind Control’ laced with brutal electronic mayhem…it may be brutal, but deep within the DNA of these songs is a strong melodic hook – 27 minutes later it suddenly stops.

Super Fast Girlie Show are all about energy, a tsunami washing over you, a jolt to your system; but don’t be fooled, beneath the bass driven rage lurks some decent tunes and its their ability to craft songs of such vitality that will see them decimate all who witness their aural assault, their sound plunges the depths of bass – enjoy the fall.

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