Super Besse


Super Besse

Tallin Music week

Tallinn, Estonia

March 2015

Super Besse facebook page

The band are stunning.

Powerful, dark and thrilling like a stripped down, dislocated Joy Division if they had elected to use a drum machine. This is a thundering death disco that you can dance to, a melancholic and yet euphoric rush and a set full of powerful songs that have cranked up in sound since I last saw them a few months ago as what was once a band full of potential has become the real deal and is ready to make a big impression.

Super Besse are from Belarus and they have a new story to tell all of their own.

It’s not often we get to hear about Belarus.

A part of the former Soviet bloc it seems a dark and mysterious place but the power of music transcended everything and Super Besse are transcending everything further with a brilliant gig that we catch the dying embers of tonight.

Tallinn Music Week is fast becoming one of the key events on the European music event circuit- a great line up of bands, a small and quirky old town and a vibrant, youthful nation sat at the crossroads between east and west. There are potential problems of course with its geography but also potential opportunities to act as a bridge. A cultural bridge.

Super Besse are taking full advantage of this.

Belarus is so close and these small Baltic nations provide a stepping stone into Europe.

I saw them play at an event in Lithuania in the autumn and they were brilliant. So good that Louder Than War will release their album soon and a download single.

Tonight they have jumped forward a massive amount. They sound big, bold and confident and their drum machine driven take on cold wave drips the same kind of melancholic menace as prime time post punk but with their own distinctive atmosphere and edge that they bring from their own background.

There is a quirky sense of humour somewhere in there but it’s the driving and foreboding death disco of their sound that is so key as the band pack out the venue to the biggest crowd of the evening.

Guitars, like expectations, are trashed as the band move into top gear.

This is the sound of the past turned into the sound of the future. Super Besse are one of the best young bands out there.

They are playing the UK in May hopefully.

You must see them.

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