announce new online webstore - and give details of the first release.

SUNN O))) Announce New Online Webstore – And Give Details Of The First ReleaseThe experimental drone / metal band SUNN O))) today unveiled a massive online entity through a newly-developed online webstore. The webstore is going to be an outlet for lots of amazing reissues of merch and clothing – including, of course, music.

All this is great news in itself but even better is that one of the first additions to this new web presence will be an ultra-deluxe reissue of the now classic album, Black One by SUNN O))).

Black One was the Seattle band’s fifth album release, and it’s often tagged as their most approachable artefacts, largely because they work with shorter, more song-based structures on the album. The album also has some pointed nods towards Norwegian black metal on it. Added to the above the album has a huge supporting cast, artists such as Oren Ambarchi, Wrest (Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice, Twilight) Malefic (Xasthur, Twilight) and John Weise (Bastard Noise).

Late next month, the band’s Southern Lord label will issue a 2xLP repress of the album. The new edition will arrive on black vinyl (1000 copies), white / grey vinyl (1000 copies) and, for us European dwelling bods, on silver discs. All releases will come in a “thick Stoughton style gatefold jacket” on November 26th.

Black One Track Listing:

Side A
Sin-Nanna 2:19
It Took The Night To Believe
Cursed Realms

Side B
Orthodox Caveman

Side C
Cry For The Weeper

Side D
Bathory Erzsebet

Find SUNN O))) on Facebook here and Bandcamp.

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