Sukh ‘Kings’ – album review

Sukh ‘Kings’ (Sukh)
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‘Kings’ is the debut album from Sukhdeep Krishan – Sukh to his friends – and quite an interesting little item. A young (well, early twenties which classes as young) Mancunian – good start – and he’s also a qualified doctor who dabbles in film making and writing, performing and producing his own music. Sounding intriguing? However, the key question is whether he matches up to the billing of all round good egg.

Album opener ‘Arisen’ is a wistful and dreamy introduction and immediately followed by the title track which in contrast kicks in with a lively jangly sound and already it’s easy to appreciate why Sukh’s combination of sound and lyrics have been likened to a Belle & Sebastian in both their melodies and styles. While we’re on comparisons, Sukh may well be a more composed version of fellow local Manchester artist and troubadour Gideon Conn – apparent in ‘St Cats’ which has a sombre feel before some expansive strings finish the track. The jangly feel-good pop of ‘Just What I Thought’ provides another interlude before the even dreamier and faraway ‘Den’, and it’s worth having a look amongst the usual online channels for a tremendous little animated video to accompany the track.


The final track, ‘Now – Tomorrow’ shows a real sense of dynamics, a veritable storm building with some gentle nylon guitar giving way to heavy strings and a maelstrom of swirling percussion before complete calm emerges and the storm drifts gradually away; a perfect analogy of a summer storm which passes to leave a feeling of peace as a blanket of warmth begins to emerge.

‘Kings’ is an album which plays as a soundscape for warm and sleepy summer days, or as the press release states – “the soundtrack to a summer hangover” yet in these times of inflated utility prices, playing ‘Kings’ is worth an extra bar on the electric fire as the Autumn starts to get that bit chillier. To coin a Manchester phrase, Sukh comes across and sounds very much like a ‘top bloke’.


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