Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Robin Thicke, who has sprung to noteriety with the biggest hit the summer ‘Blurred Lines’ and created much anger with women (and men) over the lyrical content of the song that has led to calls for the music business to rethink what it’s actually saying has got himself involved in a bizarre court case that could only happen in music.

Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and Clifford Harris Jr. – the songwriters are on the way to court against Marvin Gaye’s family and Bridgeport Music, which owns some of Funkadelic’s compositions. At issue are complaints about similarities between “Blurred Lines”.

According to the suit, a copy of which was obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, “Plaintiffs, who have the utmost respect for and admiration of Marvin Gaye, Funkadelic and their musical legacies, reluctantly file this action in the face of multiple adverse claims from alleged successors in interest to those artists. Defendants continue to insist that plaintiffs’ massively successful composition, ‘Blurred Lines,’ copies ‘their’ compositions.”

Rest of the story is in the Hollywood Reporter…

Whatever next Noel Gallagher sues the Beatles! Radiohead sue the Hollies?

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