The brilliant and wayward Dutch alternative/indiepop label, Subroutine, is 10. To celebrate this fact, they throw two parties, one today (12th September) in Rotown, Rotterdam and one in the brilliant Vera Groningen on the 26th September. The gigs are named Subroutien (“tien” is 10 in Dutch). “Clever”, we thought…

Always going against the grain of the mainstream Dutch indie music scene, and often ruffling the feathers of a prim and proper Dutch music media, Subroutine have a brilliantly playful side to them. To celebrate the 10 years of hand-to-mouth existence, they have brought out a great teeshirt channeling the spirit of the KLF.

subroutine tee

And they also released the video of the brilliant young Frisian band The Homesick, which seems to be full of subliminal triangle shapes…


The gigs will be a celebration of the music the label has released over the decade, music that has set the trend for the new “Dutch Underground” phenomenon, which Louder than War has championed (along with our friends Incendiary magazine) long before most latched on. Bands include: Rats on Rafts, Nouveau Velo, the great and much-missed Space Siren, AC Berkheimer, Vox Von Braun, WOLVON and The Homesick to name a few.


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