Stunning collaboration between London punk noiseniks Atomic Suplex and Dizzie Rascal – Listen here…

London punk noiseniks Atomic Suplex (Crypt Records) have teamed up with Dizzy Rascal.

Apparently Dizzy was recording in the studio next door to where Atomic Suplex were mixing their latest and they just hooked up for a jam.

The result is ‘Pussyole’ and it’s pretty fucking something!!!

At this point neither the Atomic Suplex nor the Dizzie Rascal website has released any information; Louder Than War featured Atomic Suplex back in February 2013 in our New Artist of The Day feature.


Whilst everyone knows who Dizzie Rascal is, very little is know about Atomic Suplex – in a recent interview with Punk Globe, the reporter was struggling to gather even the most basic nuggests of information…

PG. How and when did ATOMIC SUPLEX form and who all is in the band ?

AS. We all formed individually in our mothers’ tummies (there are books about this). After several years we met, then some more of us met and we played some songs together at the same time. It was quite magical. I don’t think names are of too much concern to Rock & Roll, that is unless your name is Johnny Explosion or Janet Rocket-flash, which incidentally are names none of us own.


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