Gregarious London gig promoters Guided Missile are offering free admission to tonight’s Pheromoans show in exchange for HMV gift tokens.
Stuck with HMV vouchers? Go see some bands!
Paul Guided Missile said today: “As an act of kindness, and to prove we are all one big musical family, we will accept HMV Vouchers as payment on the door at tonight’s Guided Missile Club.

“This is not a joke. We’re being nice. Pass it on.

“It’ll be better than that Nick Drake cd you were gonna buy. Yawn…”

Guided Missile is at the Buffalo Bar, right outside Highbury and Islington tube station. The Pheromoans are joined tonight by xMan Diamondx, The Sweat and Lidl Richard. Admission (to those without vouchers) is £6.

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