street hassle : Tony Wilson to have road named after him in ManchesterThe late Tony Wilson is to have a street named after him in the new arts area of Manchester around First Street.


The area which will see the new Home cinema where the Cornerhouse are moving to and several other developments and is across the road from the site the now demolished Hacienda building is perfect for the honour and round the corner from Tony’s old flat.


First Street, the partnership between Manchester City Council and Ask Property Developments, has today announced the first phase of its naming strategy for the site.

The team has been working closely together to identify a suite of names which represent a cross section of Manchester creative pioneers who in their time helped to shape and influence the culture of the City over the years. Based around the idea of ‘Manchesterness’, the streets, squares and avenues that will make up the First Street development will showcase the spirit of the people who have made a significant contribution to Manchester through sheer talent, philanthropy and love for their city.

The first phase of the naming strategy (which encompasses all the streets and squares on the north of the site around the office building, Number One, and HOME) includes:

Tony Wilson Place
Jack Rosenthal Street
Isabella Banks Street
Annie Horniman Street
James Grigor Square

On the announcement, John Hughes, Managing Director of Ask said: “More than most cities, Manchester has a long history of inventiveness, with many firsts and famous people who have shaped the city and its culture. It was impossible for us to recognise every Manchester son and daughter within the development, so instead we have tried to create a suite of names that not only work well together but that showcase Manchester’s rich creative history; names that join the past and the present, with a mix of well-known celebrities alongside some perhaps lesser known personalities which carry weight and substance.”

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