Stream / download the track Blood Will Run by Black Pus off his split LP w/ Oozing WoundA couple of weeks ago we passed on news about a terrifying release in Thrill Jockey’s “record producing” pipeline, a split featuring tracks which offer glimpses into the two tortured worlds of Black Pus and Oozing Wound. Well, now we have the first taster off said split, a track by Brian “Black Pus” Chippendale (whose artwork you can see to the right incidentally) which you can stream and / or download below.

The blurb:

Thrill Jockey label-mates and kindred spirits Black Pus (aka Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale) and Oozing Wound have joined forces for a limited vinyl-only split LP release featuring brand new tracks from each (out 16th June).

Listen to the new Black Pus track ‘Blood Will Run’ which opens  the split release. Featuring his trademark hypnotic drum pounding and ratty synthesizers…. and unusually for a Chippendale related track, undistorted and clear vocals. The track deals with the senseless shooting of Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn after a disagreement over music coming from an SUV that Davis was a passenger in.

The playing instructions:

Play it real loud.

For more details about the split release vist this post on Louder Than War or Thrill Jockey’s website.

The track, Blood Will Run:


Oozing Wound are on Twitter here and Facebook here.

You can read the Black Pus’ blog here and listen to more by him on Bandcamp here. You can also find him on Facebook here and he tweets as @AhaFan88.

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